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My name is Ángela Quijada-Banks. I am a wife, certified holistic health coach, Award-winning author and foundress of the Soulful Liberation Movement with a tenaciously innovative drive for revolutionary transformation in the political, economic, health care and child welfare systems. I specialize in supporting individuals to holistically heal from the effects of child hood trauma/ colonization so that they can live in their purpose, liberate themselves and ultimately their communities!

Truth be told... I shouldn't be here right now. I shouldn't be doing what I do ...well at least, not according to what I've been through and where I come from.

And yet, like one of the greatest contradictions that ever lived-- here I stand; smiling, breathing and living abundantly in my divine purpose.

The Black Foster Youth Handbook

The Black Foster Youth Handbook :

50+ Lessons I learned to successfully Age-Out of Foster Care and Holistically Heal

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April 2022

Guest on the Black woman going for it podcast with X'zandria Weil

Ángela Quijada-Banks, Podcast guest on the Rose from concrete podcast with Justin Black

Panelist on the Building a trauma-informed community -Fireside chat series with CASA LA

March 2022

Episode 2 of The Diaries of a Black girl in foster care podcast ( co-hostess)

On this episode of we welcome our guests Courtney Jones, MSW and Christa Martinez, LGSW two fellow social workers with lived experience to the show. You'll hear us talk about how we have gone from being black girls in foster care to becoming child welfare experts working in the profession, being labeled as resilient and how we practice self- care.

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award for the Black Foster Youth Handbook!

Episode 2: Diet culture & deficiencies on Walking in Wellness with GG & T ft. Sasha Rosa ,Health coach

February 2022

Premiere of The Diaries of a Black girl in foster care podcast ( co-hostess)

The intersectionality of being Black and a young woman poses a unique set of problems for Black girls in foster care. The Diaries of Black Girls in Foster Care series addresses current cultural issues, disparities, and stereotypes that aid in poor outcomes for black girls who have experienced care.

Premiere of Walking in Wellness with GG & T Instagram Live Talk show!

Weekly wellness talks to explore what health and wellness looks like for us ✨while engaging in community conversations 🔥

Literary Titan editorial review of The Black Foster Youth Handbook

New episode on Soulful Liberation podcast-I AM SUCCESS with special guest Rimy Morris

I AM SUCCESS segment with adults with lived experience in foster care who are featured in the I AM SUCCESS workbook sharing how they transitioned out of foster care and where they are now!

New episode on Soulful Liberation podcast-I AM SUCCESS with special guest Cedric Riley

I AM SUCCESS segment with adults with lived experience in foster care who are featured in the I AM SUCCESS workbook sharing how they transitioned out of foster care and where they are now!

Panelist on the Racial disproportionality and disparity in child welfare fire side chat hosted by CASA L.A.

January 2022

Graduate from Legacy Holistic Health institute and am a certified holistic health coach!

New segment launch on Soulful Liberation podcast-I AM SUCCESS with special guest Tamisha Macklin

I AM SUCCESS segment with adults with lived experience in foster care who are featured in the I AM SUCCESS workbook sharing how they transitioned out of foster care and where they are now!

First place winner of the FireBird book awards in Personal development !

Soulful Liberation podcast-3 POWERFUL take-aways from 2021 with Ángela Quijada-Banks


October -December 2021

I Am Success workbook- youth companion guide to the Black Foster Youth Handbook launch party

Opening Spoken word artist & Closing keynote panelist at the Texas Child Care Administrators Conference- Powering Connectivity

Ángela Quijada-Banks, Semico Parson, Jamerika Haynes-Lewis

Jamerika Haynes-Lewis, Cortney Jones, supporter, Semico Parsons, Ángela Quijada-Banks, Sixto Cancel

Alexis Black, Ángela Quijada-Banks, Justin Black

Ángela Quijada-Banks, Isaiah Pickens, Tiffany Greco

4 steps to ground yourself and heal with Ángela

( workshop )

Preconference Q&A with Elyce Harris from TACFS on instagram LIVE

August - September 2021

Keynote speaker at Crossnore School and Children's home

1st year anniversary celebrating over 8,600 copies of The Black Foster Youth Handbook distributed worldwide!

7 day free virtual retreat to Uplevel your S.O.U.L care!

Keynote speaker at the Links Fall Kickoff in Raleigh,NC

7 steps to finally unlock your chakras and uncover your divine purpose (workshop)

May -July 2021

Dream casting your ideal life with Ángela on instagram LIVE

Keynote panelist at the Finding the spark conference for Texas Systems of care

Soulful Liberation's first Aspiring Authors retreat!

Supporting people who have lived experience in foster care on their journey to sharing their stories and publishing their purpose-led books!

Check for Us campaign chat-Instagram live with Sixto Cancel

Supporting and raising awareness about youth in care and with lived experience to get funding to use to uplift their wellbeing during the pandemic.

Foster Survivors Virtual Book tour

Keynote speaker for Indiana's Foster Success Normalcy Conference :

THE NEW NORMAL, Defining our future



Join us in moving FORWARD with the 50th Education Conference hosted by the National Foster Parent Association !

Register here: https://courses.nfpaconference.com/

Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles

Check out the Foster Scholars Advisory Committee on instagram!

How child welfare professionals can use The Black Foster Youth Handbook !

Like us on Facebook : Soulful Liberation

Finally Publish your book FREE EVENT !

RSVP HERE: https://lnkd.in/gQSc7AT

Foster Survivors Virtual Book Tour

January- April 2021

Recognized and Honored by Treehouse foundation as a 2021 REFCA Champion!


Treehouse is honored to shine a light on the

2021 Re-Envisioning Foster Care in America

(REFCA) Champions - visionary foster care

alumni who are leading the nation forward.

These stellar change makers are working diligently to improve a system that they experienced - one

that disproportionately impacts our neighbors who are Black, Indigenous & people of color (POC).

These 21 REFCA Champions are award winning foster care innovators. They hail from Ohio to

Massachusetts. Washington to Connecticut. California to New York. Colorado to Florida.

Their outstanding work is done on local, regional, national and global stages. Individually, they are

giving their communities & our nation’s young people hope, resources & a compelling new roadmap.

Together, they are changing the foster care narrative while creating a more just & equitable

society. It is with great joy that we applaud this truly extraordinary group of inspiring 2021 REFCA leaders!

21 Beacons of Hope who are joining the 24 REFCA Champions from 2014 - 2020:

45 foster care alumni who are sharing their wisdom & expertise to guide the nation forward.



Featured on SHOUTOUT SoCal

A guest on the Labors of Love podcast, Listen here!

A guest on News from the Peak podcast, Listen here!

The Power of your voice workshop with Fosterpreneur

Consciously Melanated Queens, Uncover Your Divine Purpose coaching program GRADUATION LIVE!


Foster Care Conference : FORGIVENESS

Featuring Ángela Quijada-Banks, Best-selling author of The Black Foster Youth Handbook - Foster Features PodcastIn this episode featuring Ángela Quijada-Banks, an American best-selling author, Founder and CEO of Soulful Liberation ( a book publishing company and podcast), Program Director, and Holistic Health & Purpose Coach at Consciously Melanated Queens, Decolonizing educator and transformational artist.  On the Soulful Liberation podcast, she aims to empower foster youth by day and break generational curses by night. Through her everyday work with helping young people uncover their divine purpose, performing spoken word events, workshops, and political advisory to legislators across the nation, she aims to aid in a revolutionary change in holistic health, economic injustices, child-welfare disparities, cultural competency, and identity within low-wealth communities of color both on a micro and macro level. In her most recent best-selling book, The Black Foster Youth Handbook she sheds light on a taboo topic through her own personal experience highlighting 50+ lessons she learned in order to support young people's journey and equip them with the necessary tools to successfully age-out of foster care and holistically heal. Born in Anaheim, CA her reach has spanned across the nation and in several countries. Since the age of three years old, when she was first introduced to swing dancing she has always come back to it even in the most unstable of circumstances. To this day, Ángela is still open to learning new things that excite her including Kung Fu and drumming. Between her day to day adventures, Ángela enjoys traveling the world and adrenaline rushes at amusement parks with her husband, Michael. She is lovingly called a “graceful powerhouse” by all who know her, as she lives by the quote, “ If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” You can find out more about Ángela Quijada-Banks at originalsoulflower.com, and purchase her book at blackfosteryouthhandbook.com and amazon.com.  Ángela's podcast, Soulful Liberation is available on Apple Podcasts.